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Our focus will encompass 3 primary initiatives:

Bedside Bonding

Reading has health benefits for babies in the NICU

“A new study published in the Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences finds that hearing a mother’s voice develops the preemies brain.”It’s our vision to encourage storytelling in the NICU. Our goal is to provide every NICU bed with technology to enable communication, utilizing a device such as a smartphone or tablet. We strive to provide tools to enhance bonding between preemies and their families.



Family members can read and record stories so that babies can hear a voice of comfort when parents can’t be by their bedside. Reading to babies in the NICU can help parents develop the same feelings of intimacy that parents of healthy newborns cultivate in the days and weeks after a baby’s birth.

Families can also provide soothing music for babies, helping to drown out the constant machine noise of the NICU.

An analysis of over a dozen clinical trials found that music therapy helped stabilize premature newborns’ breathing rate during their time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). –Pediatrics Journal, August 25th.

Technology can enable virtual communication with family members when they can’t be present or with young siblings who are not allowed to visit due to NICU rules.

It also allows families to capture milestones and memories, as well as the recording of notes from family meetings or hospital rounds.

Our goal is to pilot The Bedside Bonding program at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian/Columbia in Washington Heights. Our goal is to provide devices to their NICU population of approximately 1,000 babies each year.

“The American Association of Pediatrics concludes that “parents should be encouraged to talk to their preterm babies while in the NICU to avoid risk of language delay.”

Fund research to improve utilization of technology in the NICU

The Lion Tales Foundation will support innovative research led by medical professionals and student scholars that focuses on leveraging communication to improve outcomes for babies born premature or sick.

We are currently evaluating various initiatives that we may look to support. Please check back soon for more information.

Create a Digital Quilt of Courage

The Lion Tales Quilt of Courage will be “sewn” together from stories of the NICU experience told by families, friends and NICU professionals.

By sharing their knowledge and stories of hope and courage these individuals can help demystify the experience for others who are currently in the midst of their NICU journey. Documenting milestones preserves the moments of heartache and joy for families as they move into the next stage of life after the NICU.

The quilt was started by two families who met while their sons, Leo and Anthony, endured lengthy stays at CHONY and shared a pod in the NICU. It is our hope the digital quilt will provide strength for parents during their roller coaster NICU ride and beyond.


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